by The Soft Hills



released February 8, 2013



all rights reserved


The Soft Hills Portland, Oregon

Brookllyn-based project The Soft Hills create a visceral take on soft-psych indie rock, calling to mind the hypnotic melancholy of the Red House Painters as well as contemporaries like Grizzly Bear or Radiohead.

Songwriter Garrett Hobba started the project in Seattle in 2007. The band, which has involved a rotating door of friends and musicians, has toured several times through the US and Europe
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Track Name: Riding High
Once we got lost
in the oak covered hills
we thought the same thoughts
and the voices were real
friend I tried to warn you
to open your eyes to the shadows at your heels

something ain't right
who you talking to?
You gave up the fight
and you drink like a fool
who am I to blame you
if the flowing win delivers you from your cell

and they can't understand you're not to blame
for riding high upon the wake of nature's golden prize
the only crime is when you break from the budding tree of life
and the patterns we wove untie

boy where you been?
you're out running with wolves
your bright world caved in
and you laugh like a loon
he wandered out of the garden
the earth burned brown as the cruel sun parched his way
Track Name: Sweet Louise
Sweet Louise tried to kill me
with the wave of her hair
pulled me upstairs and fell upon me
oh the perfume she wears!

got to asking too many questions
all the clouds turned to grey
left me standing on 42nd
then it started to rain

oh Louise, baby where you going I'm on your side
talk to me, you can have it your way one more time
she's fading fast, there's no one to cry to
sometimes she dreams of a life in the country
on her way back home from her connection
all her troubles grow like cracks in the pavement

sweet Louise works the corner
hides the pearls in her sleeve
across the east side of the Bowery
little woman don't weep

oh Louise try to see it my way it's not so bad
come with me, you don't need the money, forget the past

late at night, she tramps through the alley
looking so sad as she's pressed against the wall
on the way back down from her reflection
all her tears run out, she's heading my direction
Track Name: Marigolds
Marigolds and clouds of pillow
bumblebees buzzing in the breeze
rays of sunlight pierce the hollow
comes to me, comes rippling in waves

ocean grass and snowy plover
comforts me, I don't want to leave
daffodils on velvet hillside
what a scene, such a mystery to be!
Track Name: Dear Mr. Moonlight
Please Mr. Moonlight
I want you to tell me everything's fine
I'm caught in your moonbeam
I feel you all through me I'm high
you hang in the distance, glimmering all through the night

Dear Mr. Moonlight
show me your dark side open my mind
I'm stuck in a bad dream
I need you to help me get by
I won't forget you, your beautiful face always shines

you return to me, I'll make it right
Track Name: Payroll
waves roll by and the clear depths pull you under
you're gonna need a lifeboat

you let things slide in the bedroom without her mother
you're walking on a tightrope
you're crawling through the barrel

spaceships fly through the palace of wonder
they put me on the payroll

cousin why did you burn through all your nine lives
now you're on the table
he called me on the payphone

blackbirds swarm around me
I'm trying hard to wake up
the airplane it's going down
now we're on the scaffold
there's no time to lay hold
Track Name: Un
Now you're gone
seven horses
on the bright cliffs of Un
seven houses we explored
we crossed the ocean
together we were strong
will you be back tomorrow
cannot tell
high up on the mountain
sprang a well

do you remember the birdmen
racing through time in astral cars?
abandoned their warm nests
their sunward flight lit the sky
please don't be bitter
when carbon lights start to fall
you don't belong here
you're just a spider on the wall

they came through the window
gave the sign and you welcomed them
engendered their young bride
our love was a molten fire
you won't forget her
she holds the black key of Un
you won't forget her
feathered daughter of Un
Track Name: Horse & Carriage
Spin your magic in front of me
a drunken boat, and a cloud of crows
circling round the trees

drive me mad with your melody
a croaking horn, the zither mourns
ominous sound of bees

holding out for the wort to leave
holding out for the wort to bleed
you've been hanging round to long
get out of my heart

horse and carriage take me home
bring me back to where I started from
tiny sparrow take my woe
lead me back to where the waters foam
all the way to where the heart winds blow

I can feel you blowing round my door
I can hear you echoes from the shore
Track Name: The Gifts You Hide
We arrived at sunset, the clouds blew my mind
the desert wind howled again as I reached for the hive
we wandered through the valley, vultures overhead
her wildcat eyes gave a cry and I woke up in bed
oh, don't have to tell you
the strangest thing...

I wanted to show you the bird in my jar
impresses my heart with delight
I love the gifts that you hide

he rode off on a pony, left the life he'd lived
without a home he did roam where no one could find him
brother can you tell me where the borders lie
between love and hate, wrong ad right, where the darkness meets the light
oh, don't have to tell you
the strangest thing...

I wanted to tell you
you've been on my mind
you hang like swollen grapes on the vine
I love the gifts that you hide
for the rest of lives
Track Name: Mighty River
Listen to the river
jumping in, let the current have it's way
sinking low, feel the pressure
undertow, I've been waiting for this change

mighty river flowing through swollen fissures
underground, let me drown under your waters
and be born a cave fish in your womb

something's happening to me
shine forth like the blinding sun
I'm beginning to see
all paths lead through the burning light of dawn

mighty river bring me across your desert
to the Southern Realm
overwhelm me with your power
let it go
Track Name: Desert Rose
Desert Rose where'd you go?
You left me hanging on to nothing
shot me down and left the kids
changed her name to Scarlet
Desert Rose your poison flows
from all the lies you've been living

it's a hard train to roll
when the night is long
you dreams are fading
the silver's gone

Desert Rose I see your ghost
late at night when I'm drinking
you cut it close
you keep it hid
your countless sins are on your children
it'll kill them

it's a hard train to roll
when the night is long
your wheels are turning
the red light's on
yes it's a hard train to roll
when the world's gone wrong
and the mighty whirlwind drags you on