by The Soft Hills



released March 7, 2014



all rights reserved


The Soft Hills Portland, Oregon

Brookllyn-based project The Soft Hills create a visceral take on soft-psych indie rock, calling to mind the hypnotic melancholy of the Red House Painters as well as contemporaries like Grizzly Bear or Radiohead.

Songwriter Garrett Hobba started the project in Seattle in 2007. The band, which has involved a rotating door of friends and musicians, has toured several times through the US and Europe
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Track Name: Golden Hour
everybody’s busy, everybody’s mad
trying to find a way out, the fuse it burning fast
monsters in the city, bogie’s underground
they’re fucking with your life support, trying to pull you down
won’t you break free, I’m leaving

ooh now we’re out on our own
it’s beautiful
yeah we got so much to give
our cup is full
look how the hour’s turning gold
so unreal

choking while you’re living, the pressures’ closing in
man you’re going to crack up, the rabble never ends
always thinking money, like gluttons on a binge
we’re puppets on the wings of doom, the future’s looking grim
won’t you break free, we’re leaving
Track Name: Black Flowers
the petty crimes that you make are truly divine
your tattered dress that you wear is beauty sublime
your burden shines

even flowers look black in the night
are you ready for the crime?

your pride and shame wax and wanes like the face of a clown
the crows surround all your deeds and thread the seams of your gown
they’re calling out
Track Name: Road To The Sun
something’s wrong, top of the rope
oh just what you reckoning?
lucid dream, crooked tree
it’s just what it’s happening

and it’s so far, just what you’re after
take off your glasses
the road to the sun
and it sure feels free

out of control, your story is know
it’s not what it seems
look at me I can, hard to see both ends
why do you always come for me?

and it’s so hard, what you’re asking
take off your glasses
the road to the sun
and it sure feels free

you can hide but it’s always here
try to fight but it’s always near
you can hide but it’s always here
Track Name: The Fold
lying in a vacant lot, sucking on alcohol
there’s no way he can make it, no one’s gonna save him, it’s over
turn another headstone, memories burn up fast
suddenly there’s nothing left and you’re faced with the moment
swallowed by a blackhole, gotta get out somehow
you’re building up your last defense but the ship’s going under

oh the weight of the fold, I can't bear
when the pendulum falls, no more cares

crawling across the wood beams, he’s staring down on me
cannot understand the meaning of his glance it’s a wonder
words are coming out wrong, nothing but empty lines
the nature of existence leaves you feeling sick, God it’s hopeless
Track Name: White Queen
Baby what wrong?
It started long ago in the garden
fell through the rabbit hole
as cobwebs covered you like silk threads

how did we both know?
the White Queen would lose hope

crimson sun make my demons run
rain and tears, pull me out of here!

Baby the mirror broke
there’s no way back to you, we’re parted

how did this dead tree bloom?
now that the White Queen rules
Track Name: How Can I Explain?
words can’t tell the flow of thoughts you’re thinking
the slogans sell, it’s a sad affair
poison leaks into the minds of the many
the culprits teach you gotta buy things to make you happy

how can I explain, it's a wonder I still try

where’s the spark, searching for a meaning
through the dark there’s a light burning
rusted hearts lose their shine so quickly
you’re playing a part, it’s so mechanical, you’re not aware at all
Track Name: Blue Night
blue night, jeweled sky

giants awake on the steel crests of time
why must they break up the mountains of ice?

new eyes, true side

giants awake on the steel crests of time
why must they break up the mountains of ice?
silent she wades through the quicksilver tide
the promise she brings us: a new sun will rise
Track Name: Belly Of A Whale
stuck inside the belly of a whale
spit me out on a distant foreign shore
telling all the people what I’ve seen
down there in the cold black lonely sea

we were driving through the valley of death
what went wrong, why’d you get so upset
both of us held onto our pride
why must we fall so hard?

I come alive when I feel you drawing near
say goodbye to the weight of our fear
holding you makes me want to fly
always breaking in two
something’s changing break through
Track Name: Stairs
you’re wearing out your shoes
climbing up the staircase
gonna see you soon
open up the birdcage
does anybody know the lions in your heart?
you’re turning into something you know that you’re not

she’s singing out of tune
drive away your nightmares
there’s no way you can lose
jumping off the top stair
anyone can see the thunder in your eyes
set the key in motion, the powers come alive